Friday, January 6, 2012

you know im running out of ideas...

When i start bloggin about my friends. i decided i'm gonna do some posts about them for the next few days/weeks. i decided this when i was going down memory lane and i thought to myself, "i love my best friends." so there you have it. i might even do two posts today because i'm bored at work. im going to stop sharing my thought process with you now.

First up to bat is Ms. Patreece.

I met Charlcie back in seventh grade. In the cafeteria of Santan Jr. High. I saw her from across the room and thought, "wow thats the prettiest red head i've ever seen!"No words were exchanged (she was popular, i was the new girl) fact Charl didnt meet me till my sophomore year. (true story) Anyway we met and our friendship was built on the foundation of the fact that none of our other friends would ditch class so we had each other. It blossomed from there. This was back when I was always grounded (for ditching).  We did pretty much everything together from this point on. I feel like alot of the times we were together we'd be getting into some kind of mischief. There was that time last summer when we got home in the morning when my dad was leaving to work and we had to fake sleeping when he came to check on us. or when we tried dodging her mom by parking in the neighbors driveway but that didnt work.
You know those summers that were so much fun and you remember them for the rest of your life? Mine was last summer. Just me and Patreece. All our friends had boyfriends and we just were crazyyyy summer girls lovin life and swimsuits and curly hair and no make up. Sounds like a recipe for two homeless girls. It's the happiest I remember being.
She's my girl (ew i just sounded like a guy). I know what she is thinking always. She knows what im always thinking. She has the best eyebrows and calves. Her laugh is contagious. My tummy hurts from laughing so hard with her. We could do nothing and its still fun. She went to hawaii this summer and found out her name means strong & majestic, and nothing could be more fitting.  I sound lesbian. I la la la love you Patreece.

Alicia you're next. Get ready.


  1. Wow!! This just made my month! I wanna be best friends with myself now, sheesh. I sound awesome. Hehe keeding! But frills, you couldn't have said it better. Thank you for this. You are the best and we laugh like noone understands. I love you forever.

  2. meant to comment on this aGEESSS okay but just now doing it. i love you both sooo much! i had lots more to say back when i first wanted to post but now im rambling....bye.